Digital Marketing Agency in Cheltenham

How it all works

Growing an Instagram account with REAL followers is difficult if you’re doing it by yourself. With RELRK, we can grow accounts in 4 easy steps with REAL results.

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Step 1: Tell us your audience

Provide us with competitor accounts and hashtags that relate to your account.

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Step 2: Getting you noticed

We then like photos and follow accounts that follow the competitor account for you. We unfollow accounts after time to look professional.

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Step 3: Get awareness

They get notified of our work and check out your page which in turn results in followers and strong engagement.

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Step 4: Sit Back & Relax

Just simply use your Instagram as you usually do whilst we handle the hard stuff. We recommend to keep posting frequently.


Why work with us?

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Proven track record. We have handled over 10,000 social accounts in the past 4 years and have grown them to succeed online. Not only this, you'll receive a dedicated account manager who will organically grow your account at affordable prices.



Results are REAL. Never fake followers or likes. All of our results are lead through real organic growth.


It's simple, no software, no installations. We handle everything for you.



Within just a few hours of starting the campaign, you will see the results come in.


We research your niche before starting, picking best accounts and hashtags for best results.


Let’s Get Started.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started?

Once you have signed up we will email you with a short form to fill out to get started. We will then start the research phase and setup the management for your Instagram account.

What do you require from me?

We will require to fill out a short from upon ordering which will involve providing your Instagram password. All information secured is safe.

Can I still post to my social media?

Yes of course, we encourage you to post at least 3+ times a week.

How many followers can I get?

This depends on your niche. However we average around 100+ followers a day after a few months of management.